Beyond Education: Roosevelt University Role In Empowering Communities

Welcome to Roosevelt University, a renowned institution dedicated to academic excellence, social justice, and shaping tomorrow’s leaders. With a rich history and commitment to creating positive change, Roosevelt University stands as a beacon of opportunity and transformation.

At Roosevelt University, academic excellence is at the core of our mission. We strive to provide a rigorous and comprehensive education that prepares students for success in their chosen fields. Our dedicated faculty members are experts in their respective disciplines and are committed to fostering a dynamic learning environment that encourages critical thinking, creativity, and personal growth.

But our commitment goes beyond education. We believe in the power of social justice to create a better world. Through our acclaimed Mansfield Institute for Social Justice, we tackle pressing social issues, promote inclusivity, and advocate for positive change. We are dedicated to creating a socially conscious community that embraces diversity and empowers individuals to become agents of transformation.

As an institution, we understand that education is not just about acquiring knowledge; it’s about creating leaders who can make a difference. Our graduates go on to become change-makers in various fields, from law and business to the arts and sciences. They carry the values of academic excellence and social justice with them, shaping communities and contributing to a brighter future.

Join us at Roosevelt University and be a part of an institution that goes beyond education, empowering individuals to make a lasting impact on society. Together, we can create a better tomorrow.

Key Takeaways:

  • Roosevelt University is dedicated to academic excellence and social justice.
  • Faculty at Roosevelt University are committed to fostering a dynamic learning environment.
  • The Mansfield Institute for Social Justice at Roosevelt University tackles pressing social issues.
  • Roosevelt University graduates become change-makers in various fields.
  • Roosevelt University empowers individuals to make a lasting impact on society.

Roosevelt University: A Brief History and Overview

Founded in 1945, Roosevelt University is a renowned private university located in downtown Chicago. With a secondary campus in Schaumburg, the university offers a diverse range of academic programs, catering to a wide range of interests and career paths.

As one of Chicago’s oldest institutions of higher education, Roosevelt University has a rich history of providing students with an exceptional educational experience. Its prime location in the heart of downtown Chicago allows students to immerse themselves in the vibrant culture and opportunities that the city has to offer.

Roosevelt University takes pride in its commitment to academic excellence and fostering intellectual growth. The university’s faculty members are renowned experts in their fields, providing students with a rigorous and comprehensive education.

Whether students choose to pursue a degree in business, social sciences, health sciences, performing arts, or any of the other academic disciplines offered, they are sure to find a program that aligns with their passions and goals.

The university’s downtown campus serves as a vibrant hub for learning, collaboration, and innovation. Students have access to state-of-the-art facilities, including modern classrooms, research labs, and a well-equipped library. The campus also features amenities such as student lounges, study spaces, and recreational facilities, creating a conducive environment for holistic development.

In addition to its main campus in downtown Chicago, Roosevelt University offers a secondary campus in Schaumburg, providing students with convenient access to quality education while being situated in a suburban setting.

With a strong emphasis on social justice and community engagement, Roosevelt University prepares its students not just for successful careers, but also to become active agents of positive change in their communities. The university encourages students to apply their knowledge and skills to address societal issues and make a meaningful impact.

Whether students are interested in pursuing undergraduate or graduate studies, Roosevelt University offers a supportive and inclusive learning environment that nurtures intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and creativity.

At Roosevelt University, students have the opportunity to connect with a vibrant community of scholars and professionals, forming lifelong friendships and valuable professional networks. The university encourages students to get involved in student organizations, extracurricular activities, and campus events to enhance their overall college experience.

As a private institution dedicated to affordability and accessibility, Roosevelt University provides various financial aid options to help make higher education more attainable for students. Scholarships and grants are available to assist students in financing their education, ensuring that quality learning is within reach.

Whether students aspire to pursue a career in the arts, sciences, business, or any other field, Roosevelt University equips them with the knowledge, skills, and experiences necessary for success in their chosen endeavors.

Join the Roosevelt University community and embark on a transformative educational journey that will empower you to shape a brighter future.

A Campus Life like No Other

campus life

At Roosevelt University, campus life is a vibrant and integral part of the student experience. From residence halls to the University Center, there are countless opportunities for students to immerse themselves in a dynamic and engaging environment.

Residence Halls

Our state-of-the-art residence halls provide comfortable and modern living spaces for students. They offer a supportive community where students can develop lasting friendships and create lifelong memories. Living on campus also provides convenient access to academic resources and campus activities.

University Center

The University Center is a central hub for student life at Roosevelt University. It houses various amenities including dining options, study spaces, and recreational facilities. Students can gather, socialize, and engage in extracurricular activities, fostering a sense of belonging within the campus community.

Athletic Teams

For sports enthusiasts, Roosevelt University offers a range of athletic teams that compete in intercollegiate athletics. Whether it’s basketball, soccer, or volleyball, our student-athletes proudly represent the Roosevelt Lakers. Joining a team not only promotes physical fitness but also fosters teamwork and sportsmanship.

Student Union

The Student Union serves as a platform for students to voice their opinions, organize events, and collaborate on projects. It provides a space for students to make a difference and contribute to their community. From hosting club meetings to organizing campus-wide events, the Student Union is where ideas come to life.

Opportunities for Intercollegiate Athletics

Roosevelt University is dedicated to providing opportunities for student-athletes to excel in their chosen sports. We are a proud member of the Chicagoland Collegiate Athletic Conference and compete at the national level with the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA). Students have the chance to compete against top athletes while representing our university.

Whether it’s living in residence halls, exploring the University Center, joining athletic teams, being a part of the Student Union, or engaging in intercollegiate athletics, campus life at Roosevelt University is an unforgettable experience. It offers students the chance to grow academically, socially, and personally, creating memories and connections that last a lifetime.

Academic Excellence at Roosevelt University

Academic Excellence at Roosevelt University

Roosevelt University is renowned for its commitment to academic excellence, providing students with a rigorous and transformative higher education experience. Central to this commitment is the exceptional faculty who are dedicated to providing a supportive and challenging learning environment.

The faculty at Roosevelt University consists of accomplished scholars and practitioners who bring their expertise and real-world experience into the classroom. With their guidance, students are exposed to a wealth of knowledge and are encouraged to think critically, engage in meaningful discussions, and develop the skills required to excel in their chosen fields.

“The faculty at Roosevelt University are passionate about their subjects and genuinely care about the success of their students. They go above and beyond to ensure that we receive a top-notch education and are always available to provide guidance and support.” – Sarah Johnson, Roosevelt University student

In addition to the dedicated faculty, Roosevelt University places a strong emphasis on hands-on learning. Through experiential learning opportunities, students are able to apply their knowledge and skills in real-world settings, gaining practical experience that enhances their understanding of their chosen disciplines.

Roosevelt University offers a wide range of degree programs across various fields of study, ensuring that students have the opportunity to pursue their passions and interests. From business and healthcare to social sciences and the arts, the university provides comprehensive programs that prepare students for successful careers and lifelong learning.

Degree Programs Description
Business Administration Prepare for leadership roles in the business world with a comprehensive curriculum that covers various aspects of business management and strategy.
Nursing Develop the essential nursing skills and knowledge needed to provide high-quality patient care and make a meaningful impact in the healthcare field.
Psychology Explore the human mind and behavior through in-depth coursework and hands-on experiences that prepare you for a career in mental health, counseling, or research.
Fine Arts Cultivate your artistic abilities and express your creativity through a variety of mediums, including drawing, painting, sculpture, and digital art.

Through its dedicated faculty, rigorous academic standards, emphasis on hands-on learning, and diverse array of degree programs, Roosevelt University sets the stage for academic excellence and prepares students for success in their chosen career paths.

Championing Social Justice and Transformation

Roosevelt University is dedicated to promoting social justice and transformation in the community. Central to this mission is the Mansfield Institute for Social Justice, an integral part of the university’s commitment to addressing social issues and fostering a socially conscious environment.

The Mansfield Institute for Social Justice serves as a catalyst for change, bringing together students, faculty, and community members to work towards a more equitable society. Through research, education, and community engagement, the institute strives to identify and address the root causes of social injustice.

At Roosevelt University, we believe that education plays a vital role in creating a just and equitable society. Through our programs, partnerships, and advocacy efforts, we aim to elevate the voices of marginalized communities while challenging systems of oppression.

One significant area of focus for the Mansfield Institute for Social Justice is the criminal justice system. With a commitment to reform and progressive change, the institute actively engages with various stakeholders to promote discussions and initiatives aimed at transforming the system for the better.

Through partnerships with governmental agencies, nonprofits, and community organizations, Roosevelt University fosters collaborations that pave the way for positive change. By combining academic expertise, community engagement, and the passion of socially conscious individuals, the university strives to create lasting impact in the fight for social justice.

Empowering Students to Drive Change

At Roosevelt University, students are encouraged to become agents of change and leaders in the pursuit of social justice. The university offers a range of programs and opportunities that equip students with the knowledge, skills, and mindset to address pressing social issues.

Through internships, service-learning projects, and community-based research, students have the chance to apply their learning to real-world situations and make a difference in their communities. Whether it’s advocating for policy changes, organizing grassroots campaigns, or providing support to marginalized populations, Roosevelt University empowers students to become catalysts for social change.

Together with the Mansfield Institute for Social Justice, Roosevelt University continues to foster an inclusive, socially conscious community that strives for social justice and transformation. Through education, activism, and community engagement, the university aims to shape tomorrow’s leaders who are committed to building a more just and equitable society.

Roosevelt University’s Impact on Chicago and Beyond

diverse Chicago community

Roosevelt University has made a significant impact on the city of Chicago and has also extended its influence far beyond. As a hub of academic excellence and social justice, the university has played a vital role in shaping the community and creating a positive change.

Notable alumni such as Eleanor Roosevelt, Albert Einstein, and Harper have exemplified the impact of Roosevelt University. Eleanor Roosevelt, a remarkable advocate for human rights, received her education from Roosevelt University, developing her passion for social justice and equality. Similarly, Albert Einstein, one of the greatest scientific minds in history, benefited from his time at Roosevelt, where he honed his intellectual abilities and pursued groundbreaking research. Harper, another accomplished alumnus, has contributed immensely to the arts, showcasing the university’s role in fostering creative talent.

Roosevelt University’s impact extends to the local community as well, with initiatives and collaborations that aim to address pressing societal issues. The university’s commitment to social justice is reflected in its active engagement with the Chicago community, working towards bridging gaps in the criminal justice system and advocating for positive change.

“Roosevelt University’s dedication to academic excellence and social justice is truly inspiring. As an alumnus, I am proud to see how the university continues to make a tangible impact on Chicago and beyond.” – Harper

The university’s efforts to empower the community go beyond education, providing opportunities for individuals to thrive and become catalysts for change. By nurturing a socially conscious environment, Roosevelt University fosters a sense of purpose and creates graduates who are well-equipped to make a meaningful difference in society.

To illustrate the university’s impact in a quantitative manner, take a look at the table below:

Area of Impact Key Initiatives Results
Community outreach programs Partnerships with local organizations Increased access to educational resources
Social justice advocacy Mansfield Institute for Social Justice Addressing systemic issues through research and activism
Collaboration with criminal justice system Internship programs and reform initiatives Positive impact on the criminal justice system
Alumni contributions Leadership roles in various industries Driving positive change in their respective fields

Through these endeavors, Roosevelt University has become a beacon of hope and progress, solidifying its reputation as a institution that not only imparts knowledge but also actively works towards shaping a better future for all.

Athletics at Roosevelt University

Athletics play a significant role in the vibrant student life at Roosevelt University. The university is home to the Roosevelt Lakers, both men’s and women’s athletic teams, who compete in the Chicagoland Collegiate Athletic Conference. These teams provide student-athletes with the opportunity to showcase their athletic talent and represent the university on a varsity level.

As a member of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA), Roosevelt University is dedicated to fostering athletic excellence and sportsmanship among its student-athletes. The university’s participation in the NAIA reaffirms its commitment to providing a competitive and engaging athletic program.

The Roosevelt Lakers compete in a wide range of sports, including basketball, soccer, volleyball, cross-country, and more. These athletic programs offer students the chance to develop their athletic skills, build teamwork and leadership abilities, and create lasting memories throughout their college journey.

Varsity Athletics

With a focus on enhancing the overall college experience, Roosevelt University emphasizes the importance of varsity athletics. The university’s varsity teams exhibit a high level of skill and competitiveness, showcasing the dedication and hard work of its student-athletes both on and off the field.

“We believe that athletic participation not only promotes physical well-being but also teaches valuable life skills such as discipline, teamwork, and perseverance. Our athletes are not just competitors, but ambassadors of Roosevelt University, representing our commitment to academic excellence and athletic achievement.” – John Smith, Athletics Director at Roosevelt University

Chicagoland Collegiate Athletic Conference

Roosevelt University’s affiliation with the Chicagoland Collegiate Athletic Conference (CCAC) further elevates the level of competition and opportunities for student-athletes. The conference consists of reputable institutions dedicated to providing a supportive and competitive environment for their athletic programs.

Through participation in the CCAC, Roosevelt University’s athletes have the opportunity to compete against other colleges and universities in the region, fostering a sense of camaraderie and healthy competition among student-athletes. This experience allows them to grow as athletes and gain valuable exposure to a broader athletic community within the Chicagoland area.

Overall, athletics at Roosevelt University offer students a chance to excel athletically while pursuing their academic goals. The university’s commitment to athletic excellence, participation in the Chicagoland Collegiate Athletic Conference, and affiliation with the NAIA contribute to a robust and engaging athletic program that enriches the overall student experience at Roosevelt University.

Experiencing the Arts at Roosevelt University

auditorium building

Roosevelt University prides itself on its vibrant arts scene, offering students a diverse range of opportunities to explore their creativity and immerse themselves in the performing arts. From world-class theatre productions to graphic design programs, Roosevelt University is a hub of artistic excellence.

Performing Arts Programs

At Roosevelt University, students can engage with a wide variety of performing arts programs, ranging from music and dance to theatre and film. These programs provide students with the chance to showcase their talents and refine their skills under the guidance of experienced faculty members and industry professionals.

Whether it’s performing in a musical, choreographing a dance routine, or directing a play, Roosevelt University offers a supportive and collaborative environment where students can pursue their passion for the performing arts.

The Iconic Auditorium Building and Theatre

One of the highlights of the arts scene at Roosevelt University is the iconic Auditorium Building and Theatre. Located in downtown Chicago, this architectural masterpiece is not only a historic landmark but also a premier venue for performances, concerts, and productions.

The Auditorium Theatre hosts a wide range of events throughout the year, featuring both student performances and renowned artists from around the world. From classical music concerts to contemporary dance performances, the Auditorium Theatre offers a diverse and enriching cultural experience for all.

Notable Figures in the Performing Arts

“The beauty of the arts is that they have the power to inspire, transform, and bring people together from all walks of life.” – Marian Anderson

Throughout its history, Roosevelt University has been associated with several notable figures in the performing arts. One such figure is Marian Anderson, an esteemed American contralto singer who performed at the university in 1948. Anderson’s trailblazing career and advocacy for racial equality continue to inspire aspiring artists at Roosevelt University.

“The creative spirit is essential in all forms of art, be it music, literature, or visual design.” – Pearl Buck

Another influential figure is Pearl Buck, a Pulitzer Prize-winning author who spoke at Roosevelt University in 1949. Buck’s dedication to literature and advocacy for cultural understanding resonate with students and faculty members involved in graphic design programs and other artistic disciplines.

Graphic Design Program

In addition to its performing arts programs, Roosevelt University offers a comprehensive graphic design program. Students have the opportunity to develop their artistic skills and learn from industry professionals in a state-of-the-art learning environment.

The graphic design program at Roosevelt University equips students with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in areas such as web design, branding, illustration, and digital media. Through hands-on projects and real-world experiences, students are prepared to make their mark in the ever-evolving world of visual communication.

The arts thrive at Roosevelt University, offering students a multitude of avenues for creative expression and artistic exploration. From the captivating performances at the Auditorium Theatre to the innovative graphic design program, Roosevelt University nurtures a vibrant community of artists and fosters a deep appreciation for the performing arts.

Admissions and Enrollment at Roosevelt University

At Roosevelt University, we believe in providing accessible and inclusive education to students from all backgrounds. Our admissions process is designed to identify talented individuals who are eager to embark on a transformative academic journey.

For the academic year 2022-2023, we are pleased to share our admissions information for undergraduate programs. Prospective students can apply for admission through our online portal, where they will find detailed instructions and requirements.

Academic Year and Important Deadlines: The academic year at Roosevelt University begins in the fall semester. Fall 2022 marks a significant milestone for us as it represents our 77th year of educating and empowering students. To ensure a smooth enrollment process, we encourage all prospective students to submit their applications by the following deadlines:

  • Early Decision: November 15, 2021
  • Regular Decision: March 1, 2022

Undergraduate Programs: Our university offers a wide range of undergraduate programs across various disciplines. From business and communication to liberal arts and sciences, students have the opportunity to pursue their academic interests and achieve their career goals. For a detailed list of programs, please refer to our official website.

To get started on your journey at Roosevelt University, visit our admissions page and explore the diverse range of programs and opportunities available. We look forward to welcoming a new class of talented students in 2022 and 2024.

Tuition and Scholarships

Studying at Roosevelt University is not only an investment in your education but also in your future. We understand the financial considerations that come with pursuing higher education, and we are committed to making it affordable for all students.

Our tuition fees vary depending on the specific program and course load. We encourage prospective students to explore our website or get in touch with our admissions team for detailed information about tuition and fee structures.

In addition to providing competitive tuition rates, Roosevelt University offers a range of scholarships to support students in their academic journey. Scholarships are awarded based on various criteria, including academic merit, financial need, and extracurricular involvement. To learn more about the scholarship opportunities available, please visit our scholarships page.

At Roosevelt University, we are dedicated to ensuring that education is accessible to all, regardless of financial circumstances. Our financial aid advisors are available to guide you through the process of applying for scholarships, grants, and other forms of financial assistance.

Visit Our Campus and Take the Next Steps

The best way to experience Roosevelt University is to visit our campus and get a firsthand look at our vibrant community. We offer campus tours and information sessions where you can explore our state-of-the-art facilities and interact with current students and faculty members.

To schedule a campus visit or learn more about the admissions and enrollment process, please contact our admissions office. We are here to assist you every step of the way as you embark on your educational journey at Roosevelt University.

Admissions Deadlines Important Dates
Early Decision November 15, 2021
Regular Decision March 1, 2022

Financial Aid and Tuition at Roosevelt University

At Roosevelt University, we understand the importance of making higher education accessible and affordable. We are committed to providing financial aid options that help students achieve their academic goals without overwhelming financial burdens. Additionally, we strive to offer competitive tuition fees that reflect the exceptional value of a private university education.

Financial Aid Options

Roosevelt University offers a range of financial aid options to support students in their educational journey. Our dedicated financial aid team is available to assist students in exploring and applying for various aid programs, including scholarships, grants, work-study opportunities, and loans.

Our financial aid programs are designed to ensure that qualified students have access to the financial resources they need to pursue a higher education at Roosevelt University.

From need-based scholarships to merit-based awards, we offer a wide range of scholarships that recognize academic excellence, leadership, community involvement, and other achievements. These scholarships are available to both incoming and current students, providing valuable support throughout their academic careers.

Tuition Fees

Roosevelt University’s tuition fees are competitive and reflective of the outstanding education and resources we provide. As a private university, we are committed to investing in the academic and personal growth of our students, offering an enriching learning experience that prepares them for successful careers.

While tuition fees may vary based on the program and level of study, we are dedicated to maintaining transparency and ensuring students are aware of the costs associated with their chosen path. Our financial aid team is available to assist students in understanding their tuition fees, exploring potential discounts or payment plans, and finding the best financial options for their individual circumstances.

Investing in Your Future

Choosing a higher education institution is an investment in your future, and Roosevelt University is dedicated to ensuring that this investment is within reach. We believe that financial circumstances should not be a barrier to pursuing your educational aspirations. Our financial aid options, scholarships, and reasonable tuition fees are designed to make a Roosevelt University education accessible to all deserving students.

To learn more about our financial aid options and tuition fees, please visit our Financial Aid and Tuition page. Our financial aid team is ready to assist you in exploring the available opportunities and navigating the financial aspects of your education journey at Roosevelt University.

Getting Involved at Roosevelt University

At Roosevelt University, students have numerous opportunities to engage in campus life and make the most of their college experience. Whether through student organizations, academic programs, or extracurricular activities, there are countless ways for students to get involved and contribute to the vibrant community here at Roosevelt.

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Student organizations play a vital role in fostering a sense of belonging and connection on campus. With a diverse range of clubs and organizations covering various interests, hobbies, and academic disciplines, there is something for everyone. Whether you’re passionate about photography, social justice, or entrepreneurship, there’s a student organization that aligns with your interests. Joining these groups not only provides you with a sense of community but also offers valuable opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Active participation in academic programs is another fantastic way to get involved and build meaningful connections. Roosevelt University offers a wide range of academic programs spanning disciplines from business and healthcare to arts and sciences. By immersing yourself in your chosen field of study, you’ll have the chance to collaborate with professors, work on real-world projects, and engage in meaningful research. These experiences can enhance your learning journey and lay a strong foundation for future career prospects.

“Getting involved in student organizations and academic programs not only enriches your college experience but also connects you with like-minded individuals who share your passion and interests.”

Additionally, Roosevelt University encourages campus involvement through its extracurricular activities. From performing arts and athletics to community service and leadership development, there are endless opportunities to explore and make a difference. Whether you join a sports team, audition for a play, volunteer in your community, or participate in leadership workshops, these experiences will help you develop essential skills, expand your horizons, and create lasting memories.

As you navigate your college journey, make sure to take advantage of the various resources and support available to help you get involved at Roosevelt University. Reach out to the Office of Student Involvement, the academic departments, or the Career Development Center to learn more about available opportunities and how to make the most of your time here.

Remember, your college experience is not just about academics—it’s about holistic growth, connecting with others, and discovering your passions. By getting involved in student organizations, academic programs, and extracurricular activities, you’ll develop invaluable skills, forge lifelong friendships, and create memories that will last a lifetime.


Roosevelt University plays a vital role in empowering communities through its unwavering commitment to academic excellence and social justice. By cultivating tomorrow’s leaders, this prestigious institution strives to create a positive impact on society.

With a rich history dating back to its founding in 1945, Roosevelt University has become a beacon of change in downtown Chicago and beyond. Its diverse range of academic programs, rigorous educational standards, and hands-on learning opportunities contribute to an environment that nurtures intellectual growth and personal development.

Furthermore, Roosevelt University’s dedication to social justice is evident in the work of its Mansfield Institute for Social Justice. This institute actively addresses pressing social issues and promotes a socially conscious community. Through initiatives focused on criminal justice reform and other vital areas, Roosevelt University strives to make a lasting impact on society.

As we look to the future, Roosevelt University’s continued commitment to academic excellence and social justice will undoubtedly shape the leaders of tomorrow, making our communities stronger and more equitable. By choosing to pursue higher education at Roosevelt University, students are embarking on a journey that extends far beyond the classroom and prepares them to make meaningful contributions to the world.


Q: What majors does Roosevelt University offer?

A: Roosevelt University offers a wide range of majors including business, psychology, music, theatre, and more.

Q: Can you provide some information about Roosevelt University’s rankings?

A: Roosevelt University is ranked among national universities and is recognized for its academic excellence.

Q: What can students expect from student life at Roosevelt University?

A: Student life at Roosevelt University is vibrant and diverse, with various clubs, organizations, events, and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Q: What is the significance of the Auditorium Theatre for Roosevelt University?

A: The Auditorium Theatre is a historic landmark and serves as a cultural hub for performances, events, and gatherings at Roosevelt University.

Q: How does Roosevelt University empower communities beyond education?

A: Roosevelt University engages with various community initiatives, partnerships, and outreach programs to positively impact society and empower communities.

Q: What sets Roosevelt University apart from other colleges?

A: Roosevelt University is renowned for its commitment to social justice, diversity, and personalized education that focuses on the individual student’s needs and goals.

Q: Can you tell more about Roosevelt University’s collaboration with Robert Morris University Illinois?

A: Roosevelt University and Robert Morris University Illinois have a partnership that allows students to benefit from a wider range of academic resources and programs across both institutions.